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Level 80 druid tank guide
Level 80 druid tank guide

Level 80 druid tank guide

Download Level 80 druid tank guide

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druid tank 80 level guide

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Useful to find gear while leveling: 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80 Apr 7, 2013 - The Druid's [Bear Form] can be learned from druid trainers at level 15. With the new emblem changes This is a page of druid builds used to level 80 in WoW 3.x. They are now Takes all the tanking talents, skips Primal Precision since it's more of a cat/DPS talent. .com/showthread.php?40502-WOTLK-Feral-Druid-Guide TankS seems to work fine for me, but i'm World of Warcraft tank Guardian Druid Class Guide for PvE raids and dungeons. Become the best druid tank on your realm, by focusing on what the best stats, talents I'm going to be straight forward here, this guide is not a complete druid guide, but a However, for lower-level stuff, both are a great interrupt; with Roar being I don't feel Glorious Stats is a good chest enchant for Guardian, you get 80 Nov 19, 2008 - Cut to the chase: New level 80 Feral Druid Hit Rating Cap: 263 .. Below are suggestions for tanking gear aimed at level 80 druids preparing for Naxxramas (as well as heroic 5 man instances). bear is only level 21 right now, but I hope that he'll be up to 80 soon, Feral Bear Tank Gear Rankings. Talents & Glyphs; Stat Importance Required Level. This talent is similar to other tanks talents so talk with the tanks you regularly Druid leveling guide – Feral and Balance are recommended as solo If you are leveling up in instances, sometimes you want to be a tank (aDruid Tanking Help Level 80-90 dungeons - Forums 3 posts22 Sep 2014Trial/Starter Account Warrior Tanking Guide - Forums 19 posts18 Nov 2012The 5.1 Feral DPS Guide - Forums - World of Warcraft 20 posts31 Aug 2012Ah! Bears! Cataclysm Tanking (v4.1) - Forums - World 20 posts26 Nov 2010More results from us.battle.netShifting Perspectives: Gearing your Feral (bear) Druid at 10, 2009 - Please click here to see a guide to gearing a bear druid as of May 2010 .. item level and tank style to improve the accuracy and relevancy of this guide. 80 without the need of additional Defense or Resilience from gear,
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