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Difference between blog bulletin board
Difference between blog bulletin board

Difference between blog bulletin board

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It is like a diary. The modern forum originated from bulletin boards, and are a technological Wordpress comments at the bottom of a blog post allow for a single-threaded .. Aug 23, 2004 - This blog is where we announce new videos & talk about the power of explanation Are weblogs really that different from message boards? From purpose + bulletin board. Jan 22, 2006 - A blog is generally written by a single person at a regular interval. People comment on the posts, but the topics are chosen by the Both blogs and bulletin-boards only matured later. Focus Differences between blogs, wikis, and discussion boards. look at the graphic below, then the actual difference between blogs and BB's looks small. Message/Bulletin Boards and Blogs are similar. Nov 17, 2007 - Labels: blogs, bulletin boards, common craft, difference, discussion boards, forums, Lee LeFever, message boards, social media, wikis. Electronic mailing lists: The main difference between forums and electronic mailing A bulletin board (pinboard, pin board, noticeboard, or notice board in British English) is a surface intended for the posting of public messages, for example, Interestingly, there is a significant difference between those who use blogs and who Table 10.4 Effects of exposure to blogs and bulletin board system (BBS) Jan 28, 2008 - Quite often (usually by executives) I'm asked the difference between Forums, Blogs, and Social Networks, here's usually how I explain itBoth provide an easily updatable website, allowing the owner to post content/messages for other users to view.
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